chairman's message

Being one of the fast-growing private construction firms in Egypt, Dar Al-Alamia for Construction & Building Company has accumulated a wide and diversified experience over the years.

Dar Al-Alamia has not only succeeded in completing the given projects and services in a timely and effective manner but has also become a major competitor in the market whilst building respect among its competitors, clientele, and employees alike.

We are committed to providing high-quality services and products, on time and within budget, and because of this, our client base continues to grow. We are proud to have the skills, resources, and expertise, and most importantly, the ability and the will to deliver with the highest standards, and on time.

The journey from 2013 until today has been very challenging. Thanks to our loyal clients and a team of workers and professionals, we have succeeded in proving that we can deliver on our promises; we can rise to the challenge and excel in our performance to the satisfaction of our clients through applying the most advanced management policies and procedures. We are also firm believers that the recruitment of the most qualified human resources, who share the same passion in seeking to make a real difference in quality construction, development, and building materials, is the real secret of our success.

Important as it may be in envisaging the future, Dar Al-Alamia’s past experience could never be the only source for sustainable growth and success.

Our future achievements are and will be substantially inspired by the ability to project unforeseen opportunities and risks. The company thus saves no effort to carry on with conducting extensive studies of the potentials of local and foreign markets, pooling its resources, drawing up plans compatible with study findings, and, last but not least, sharpening people’s skills.

Eng. Ahmed Saleh


Dar Al-Alamia for Construction & Building Company has gained a wide and diverse experience over the years as one of Egypt’s fastest-growing private construction enterprises.

Dar Al-Alamia has not only completed the projects and services on time and on budget, but has also established itself as a prominent contender in the market, earning the respect of its competitors.

Our client base continues to develop as a result of our commitment to providing high-quality goods and services on schedule and within budget. We are proud of our abilities, resources, and knowledge, as well as our capacity and willingness to produce to the highest standards.

Our capacity to predict unforeseen opportunities and hazards has influenced and will continue to influence our future achievements. Thus, the corporation spares no effort in continuing to undertake extensive research of the potentials of local and global markets, pooling its resources, putting up plans that are compatible with research findings, and, last but not least, improving the abilities of its workers.


Eng. Omar Ayman

Managing Director


Dar Al-Alamia collective expertise that has been flourished through a series of consecutive phases and challenging situations, successful partnerships, collaborations and projects as well as the company’s strong ethical values and commitment in always achieving excellence.

Dar Al-Alamia

Our family consists of more than

technical engineers, administrative and specialists
technicians and laborers

We believe that empowering our team by always providing training programs; to improve their capabilities, skills, and prepare them for higher responsibilities in order to meet our client’s expectations allows us to exceed standards of excellence.