Unique Design

Panoramic Views

Imagine waking up to panoramic views of an open lush horizon adorned with swimming pools and a club house. At Acasa, all homes are designed with picturesque, 360-degree backdrops. Each home is uncompromised with a spacious terrace that overlooks stunning green pathways and another terrace with refreshing views of the swimming pool and club house. This smart design of creating an exceptional contrast between the serene and active setting grants a unique living standard that one truly deserves for a lifetime ahead.



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Acasa is designed to deliver a range of exceptional human experiences to its close-knit community. Ranging from its lush landscapes and pedestrian-friendly trails to its stunning lagoons and swimming pools, Acasa is the perfect setting for neighbors to take long strolls, move around with their bikes, gather for picnics, and enjoy an active yet relaxing lifestyle away from the city’s crowds. In this unique suburban community, homeowners take pleasure in life’s simple details, where everything is seamless and refined.

Experience Life Differently


To live amidst endless trails of greenery is an experience beyond compare. Acasa is beautifully situated within four cascading valleys adorned with lush gardens, serene lagoons and swimming pools. Here, an open horizon offers homeowners the luxury to walk around, ride a bike, meditate in nature, exercise in the outdoors, and gather with family and friends. The lifestyle at Acasa is constantly revitalizing. With an underground parking that makes room for pedestrian-friendly streets, as well as green pathways passing through and surrounding the whole neighborhood, residents can ensure pleasurable ways of living amidst exquisite botanical settings.

Experience Life Differently

Pedestrian-Friendly Culture

Being active in Acasa is not only a habit but a culture. The community here lives for an energetic and pedestrian-friendly lifestyle, where moving on world-class walking trails and bike lanes is an everyday pleasure. To ensure a safe and fulfilling pedestrian-friendly experience, Acasa has designated a private drive way leading all vehicles from the gates to the underground garage. The safety of wandering around in Acasa is therefore impeccable. With two security gates and the state-of-the-art underground parking system, homeowners not only enjoy a smooth entrance into the neighborhood but also a care-free setting that is safe and delightful for kids and adults to roam around in.

Experience Life Differently


Within Acasa’s lush landscapes and pedestrian trails, a stunning lagoon and a variety of swimming pools transform waterfront living into a reality. The turquoise waters of the lagoons combined with the serenity of living by the pool is just a typical welcome home. Children can splash around in the shallow pool while their families and friends dive into the deep pool or relax on the sun deck. In all cases, everyone enjoys a pristine view and a refreshing experience that makes waterfront existence an everyday pleasure.